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Personalised Voice-enabled, AI-enhanced Safety Assistant

At TALK5, safety is more than a routine, it's a commitment to keeping every worker safe. Meet Mina, our world’s first safety assistant, designed for universal access, available within the app.

Mina provides instant updates on local legislations and regulations. TALK5 enables businesses to train Mina with their company safety information, streamlining access to essential data for a widespread and diverse workforce.

What makes our AI useful for your business?

Think of Mina as your virtual health and safety coach or assistant. Mina is pre-trained with extensive local legislations and regulations through our collaborations with government agencies. Your business can train Mina easily, by creating a knowledge base that Mina can review, analyse and support.

Our AI extends feature proprietary models tailored for business needs, ensuring your data remains secure and isolated from third-party systems.

Core AI functionalities

Build with Mina

Legislation, regulations, codes of practice, standard operating procedures, and risk registries can be daunting for any business, especially when addressing a workforce that is diverse in culture, language, or location.

With TALK5’s innovative content builder powered by Mina, businesses can create content that is not only easy to understand but also worker-friendly within minutes. Additionally, Mina instantly translates all your content into the most widely spoken languages.

Train with Mina

Once Mina helps your business create top-tier content, scaling it across your entire workforce becomes seamless. Employees, workers, and contractors can engage with this content in their preferred language and at their own pace, without going through tedious text.

Mina offers an interactive learning experience to each user, ensuring they understand all the critical safety information effectively.

Search with Mina

Information must reach people when they need it, in a simple format and their language. However, operational staff and workers often struggle with not having immediate access to such information.

Gone are the days of lengthy PDFs, posters, and emails! With Mina, staff and workers can ask about anything they need, at any time, anywhere. Mina searches through an extensive database of corporate documents and content, complimented by TALK5's comprehensive library of legislation and best practice guides, delivering accurate and compliant responses to meet your workforce's needs.

Check with Mina

For businesses with geographically dispersed teams, safeguarding the safety and welfare of their workforce presents a significant challenge. Check with Mina enables businesses to conduct welfare checks across their entire workforce, using both internet and phone connectivity for direct, large-scale communication.

Businesses can schedule calls, customise workflows, and reporting. Mina intelligently generates the most relevant questions to ask, analyses responses and sentiment, ensuring consistent follow-up with every worker to maintain their well-being.

Easy Check-Ins and Check-Outs:

Streamline the start and end of a worker's day.

Voice-enabled Interactivity:

Engage with our AI assistant and complete safety inductions using just your voice.

WorkersOn site Checkin

Cultivating Safety & Accountability

TALK5 seamlessly integrates the start and end of a worker's day, ensuring safety, compliance, and efficient time-tracking through its intuitive platform.

We Speak Your Language

TALK5 caters to a diverse global community. We support numerous languages, from English and Arabic to Mandarin and German. Our mission is simple: ensure every user understands safety protocols, no matter their native tongue.

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and more to come!

No phone, no problem!

Skip the phone; use our TALK5 AI-powered on-site kiosk. It offers hassle-free check-ins, inductions, and check-outs. More than just a terminal, it's smart hub with quick access to site contacts and real time site updates. Let your team focus on work with added confidence.

Talk5 Kiosk
Talk5 App

Contractor Management Simplified

Effortlessly manage contractors with TALK5's portal. From a complete contractor profile to imminent license renewals, stay a step ahead and champion safety, compliance, and operational excellence.

Proactive Alerts:

Get instant notifications

Smart Recommendations:

Access valuable insights like legislative updates, regulatory changes, and industry trends

License Renewal Tracking:

Monitor upcoming renewals

Comprehensive Overview:

Quick access to contractor profiles, insights to workforce, site dynamics and safety documents