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We envision a world where communication is seamless and barriers are broken through our language-agnostic, real-time voice-enabled, AI-powered platform, empowering individuals and organisations to communicate effectively and efficiently in any situation, ultimately shaping the future of safety.

Founded in 2020 by George Bancs, TALK5 has a deeply personal origin.

As a young boy, George, alongside his best friend, witnessed a tragic accident – a fall from a roof that highlighted the viral importance of work health and safety. As a business owner, George is at the helm of high-risk construction projects in Australia. He has identified a major gap: the dangers of misunderstood safety directives. This spurred the creation of TALK5.

​Since then, our dedicated team is motivated with one mission in mind: to safeguard lives globally. We've harnessed innovative technologies like AI, machine learning and multilingual natural voice generators to deliver an unparalleled safety system for business worldwide.​