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Break language barriers and boost safety in the workplace

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We're integrating AI to redefine how language and safety intersect in the workplace

Using cutting-edge technologies like Advanced AI Models, the TALK5 platform offers businesses peace of mind, empowering and training workers anytime, anywhere.

Through AI, employees, contractors, suppliers, and managers can seamlessly complete inductions through voice commands, interact in their native language, and cultivate a safer, more inclusive workspace.

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More than a dashboard; it's a gateway to smart safety choices

Managers get real-time insights into worker activities, risks, and site performance, enriched by data from a diverse workforce. Our AI offers intelligent suggestions for crafting effective inductions, paving the way for a safer workspace.

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The worker app that goes beyond linguistic inclusivity.

Powered by industry-leading AI and natural language processing, our worker app seamlessly delivers safety updates, voice-enabled induction materials, and timely reminders, all tailored to the worker's preferred language.

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No Mobile? Go Handsfree with On-Site Smart Safety

Our on-site kiosk isn't just a check-in point; it's a gateway to a safer work environment. Beyond handling check-ins and check-outs, the kiosk leverages AI to offer smart inductions that adapt to user responses, ensuring everyone, even those without personal devices, is under the safety umbrella.

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Bridging the Language Gap

As we witness an unprecedented surge in global mobility and cultural diversity, language barriers have become a significant and potent risk factor within our increasingly diverse workforce, particularly in high-risk sectors.

With international migration skyrocketing - evidenced by Australia's 171% surge in migrant arrivals in just FY22 - ensuring safety amidst this escalating diversity has never been more critical.

The processes as fundamental as workplace inductions and daily check-ins/outs become complex and less effective, as workers struggle to assess and mitigate safety risks due to language barriers and limitations of existing tools.

At TALK5 we're here to make safety universally comprehensible and accessible, irrespective of language or culture.

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Construction Workers

Designed to safeguard your diverse workforce with a touch of AI.